Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Luke's First Trip To the Pet Store!

I know sad but true Lucas had never been to a pet store and we have 3 pets! Ha! But with Wal-Mart and Target we have no need to go to a separate store for pet supplies, honestly I don't know who would if they aren't actually getting the "pet". Anyway I have been wanting to take him to see the "Nemos" and rabbits, for some reason he has a lot of books with rabbits in them. He was so excited to see the fish!

They didn't have any bunnies! I guess this close to Easter it's not a huge surprise but we did see some ferrets. Luke kept saying "look animals!" so funny!

I guess looking at all the animals made him want to go home and snuggle his own! He wanted to hold Chip so bad but Chip wasn't having it! Ha! Poor cats are getting way more attention than they ever wanted being in the house now!

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