Friday, November 5, 2010

Chucky Cheese Trip # 2

Yesterday after I got off work my Sister in Law sent me a text message saying her school (she is a 2nd grade teacher) is having a fundraiser at Chucky Cheese and thought we might like to bring Lucas to play. Well of course I was totally ready to say "YES! we will be there" but thought I'd better give Brent a call and see if he was up for it.
We went and had a lot of fun! We ate pizza and bread sticks then went to play. Lucas is at a great age for Chucky Cheese, we can get away with spending very little on tokens! All he wants to do is run around and sit at the big games for a minute and turn the steering wheel and he has a blast! There was a few games for his size but he was pretty uninterested in those. He rode a few rides but mostly ran around the big kid area.
Here is is riding with Chucky.

Then he decides to ride in Chucky's lap for a little bit.

The "real" Chucky came out and I was a little worried what Lucas would do but he did great he wasn't afraid at all! He followed him around and was so curious. Wish I would've got a picture but the older kids had pretty much taken Chucky over! I am still surprised he wasn't scared, that mouse still gives me the heeby jeebies!

Here is his picture from last year, I think we've come along way! =)


Jessica S. said...

how FUNNY! My favorite is the one riding in Chucky's lap! LOL
and he was SO little a year ago!

Desiree said...

Omg I remember this day!