Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Nephew's Baby Shower

Brent and I will be getting a new little nephew in January! I could not be more excited! I think I am almost as excited to see Waylon as I was to see Lucas, it's a different type of excitement but I cannot wait! I really didn't know if I would ever get to be an auntie! Kristin, Brent's sister didn't know if she would be able to have any babies and my brother Shaun is very involved in collage and not really looking for girlfriend, I don't think. My bother and I didn't have cousins growing up so I am also very excited for Lucas to have that special relationship!

Kristin's baby shower was Saturday I knew I wanted to make something extra special for her! I love making diaper cakes but hers had to be over the top! And I wanted it to express her personality; funky but modern and stylish! So without further adieu my masterpiece!

Ok I know it needs some explanation... The bottom is a huge box of diapers I wrapped in wrapping paper tied a ribbon around it (with some help of some hot glue of course) and the "W" is a wooden cut out I got at Hob Lob and spray painted white. Next layer is a hat box I found and glued some wooden feet to it. It was full of some baby stuff that I found the most useful with Lucas, I also spray painted those little feet. The top layer is a can of formula I decoupaged with scrapbook paper. With a sock monkey around it! Brent specifically asked for a sock monkey to be on it. Lucas' "Mr. Sock" was a life saver when he was little sometimes it was the only thing that could calm him down.

So there it is! I loved making it and cannot wait to make another! (hint, hint to a few girlies)
The shower was a success Kristin got a ton of great, useful stuff! I could not be more excited for her and our family!

Kristin, my mom and I at the shower.

Desiree and I at the shower.

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Jessica S. said...

LOVE IT!!! That is by far the cutest diaper cake I have EVER SEEN!!! Great pics!