Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

This past weekned was a blast! It was Lucas' first Halloween to really go trick or treating and he loved it! We went with my sister in law Kristin, and her friends Liz and Tom and their little boy Carter, he is in Lucas' class at preschool. Brent was at the racetrack and missed a really fun night! The boys had a really good time, we pulled them around in the wagon and Lucas ate about 4 or 5 suckers while we were out so he really had the ride of his life. Ha!
The neighborhood I live in goes all out on Halloween one of my neighbors has a cotton candy machine out so that is always a hit with the kids and some of the big kids too ;)
We went back to the house kinda early, the little ones didn't need that much candy so we went to hand out candy to other kids and Lucas loved that, I think he thought he had tons of visitors that night! When the doorbell rang he would jump up and run to the candy bowl. He was so fun!

Sunday night we had planned a Halloween get together at our house for family, we made chili and cornbread and everyone else brought more treats! That is always a good time we love getting our familys together and everyone always enjoys seeing Lucas! My grandma, we call her Mema C., brought me a very special treat! A new pair of boots!
Mema C. loves Uggs ( I know the coolest grandma ever!) and she gets a new pair every year and last year she bought me a new pair along with hers so maybe she is starting a new tradition?! I don't know but I LOVE them!

Anyway we had a fun weekned, Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday so I am glad I am getting to share these good times with my little boy!

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Jessica S. said...

cute cute post! LOVE that cow tshirt!! haha
and LOVE those boots!!