Monday, November 8, 2010

A Family Tragedy

I have thought about doing this post for about a week now but I knew it would be a tough one to get through, but here it goes.
My dear sweet Mother in Law has Alzheimer's at the age of 53. She has lived with it for 6 years but the day to day is beginning to be a struggle, as we all knew was coming but you can never prepare your self. Her kids are so young and just starting families of their own. And this is the time in her life she has longed for, a time when she would have grand babies.

Brent takes it like any man would, he doesn't talk about it much unless something major happens that day but I know he lays awake at night thinking about it all.

Lucas is to young to know any better, I think but I can tell he senses something I can't describe it but I see it when him and her are together.

I think about her constantly, most don't know that. I think about what couldv'e or wouldv'e been like to really know her. And hear her stories and her opinions on things. She was a wonderful mother. My eyes are tearing up as they do so often when I talk about her.

Brent's sister Kristin is about to have her first baby without her mom truly "there", meaning she will physically be there but she won't be able to help out and lend support like most mom's do. It is heartbreaking every day as Kristin gets closer to time. The other night Kristin said to me "My mom, the one person I *knew* would always be there won't be able to" that hit me like a ton of bricks. As women we hope we pick the right man to marry and have babies with, one that will be there through the good and the bad but in this day and age you just never know but your mom you KNOW will be there for you when you go through that time no matter your age or circumstance. But her mom will not be. Kristin has a good husband and loving family all around her but it cannot and will not be the same.

This leads me to my Father in Law, he has stuck by Sandra (my mil) and loved her through it all but lately he is having a hard time, physically and mentally he is going through a crisis. My Father in Law (Larry) and I have become good friends since I married Brent, I don't know if it is because he knew I wouldn't be able to form a relationship with Sandra or because my dad wasn't in the picture like he is with Lucas but for whatever reason I enjoy him, he is very wise and really easy to talk to. But lately he has changed. We (Brent, Kristin, Jason(Kristin's husband), and I) as the "kids" of the bunch are at a loss on how to help him. Jason and I as the in laws to Larry and Sandra want what is best for them of course but we are more concerned about the welfare of our spouses. I cannot help but think that will change everyone in some way or another.
So right now I can only pray that God can heal everyone's emotions bring us close during this time of need and He can be with us in this time of loss. I can pray that he gives Kristin the strength to get through this and I know she will be good mother, she remembers having a wonderful mother if nothing else.

This is the worst family tragedy I have ever witnessed. I don't think words could describe all the pain surrounding it. Please pray for my family.


New Every Morning said...

Alzheimers can be so devastating. It has had its grip on my own family. Praying for you and yours.

Katie said...

Thank you very much! And thanks for stopping by!