Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I am Thankful for!

I cannot believe it is Thanksgiving week! This will be Lucas' 2nd Thanksgiving, that just does not seem right!
It is also my very first Thanksgiving to host at my house! I could not be more excited! I love having family over to eat, catch up and play a few games I have up my sleeve!
But today I will post what I have been thankful for this year.
I am thankful for my family; a husband who is my best friend and is always near, a son who is so healthy and smart. Parents who are willing to help when they can. Friends who know me and keep me sane. A job that provides and co-workers who make my days fun! A nice home that we love and can share with others.I am thankful that Lucas can go to a wonderful school with teachers who really love him and that Brent's business is thriving. But I am most thankful for newly rebuilding my relationship with God so I can thank Him for all the blessings He has given me!
Yesterday we went to Lucas' school for "Thanksgiving Lunch" with his class. I love going to visit his class room, the kids are just adorable! Here are some pictures!

Hope everyone has fun and yummy Thanksgiving!

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