Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 To Do's!

This year I did not set any resolutions per say. It has been so crazy at my house this last month I didn't have the energy nor did I care to much to worry about it. And lets face it my resolutions would be the same as they were last year; save money, eat better, yadda yadda. Which never turns out pretty! ha!

But with my house starting to settle down I have been brain storming about what I want to get out of 2012! Of course I want to try and be the best person I can be but this year I also want to really tackle my house! The year of the home redo is what I told Brent :) he just rolls his eyes!

But really I want to set goals, put a set amount in savings and by my deadline I want to get them DONE!!
Nothing major just some room spiff ups O and all new floors thought out, haha!

So here is my list, I know some will get done and some will not get done but I am going to try really hard this year!

{front/boys bathroom redo}
new window mistreatment
3 new hooks under the window for towels

new lighting

frame mirror

move towel rod to back of door
replace old style hand towel ring with hook
new floor (maybe?)
(see nothing to it ;)

{luke's room}
sand down and paint my ol childhood bed for him
get new mattress
shelves up for his piggy bank collection
t.v. up on the wall
better closet system

{spare/craft/nursery room}
major purge of all that we don't need
set closet up for all my chotchkeys
new carpet

{living/everything room}
new flooring
try and convince Brent to move screen doors around once and for all!!
gallery wall (maybe?)

new floors
new counter tops
new back splash
paint cabinets
take ugly molding down above sink
new light(s)
new system for pots and pans
install pantry (maybe?)

{laundry nook}
paint and rearrange cabinets
put a table/folding board atop of the washer and dryer
paint walls

wowie like I said I know that all that getting done is unlikely but I want to try and it feels so good to write it down!

So now who wants to come help me? ;)

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