Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life {brought to you my mr. iphone}

I love a good picture post :)

We went to eat at Cheaders last Thursday and Lucas was SO good, I can really tell he is getting out of the toddler years and into being a big boy.

Thirfted some plates for my plate wall! I love plates and am collecting a ton of them right now for various things, the best and only place to get them is at the thrift stores, these were a whopping .50 or less a piece.

Lucas and his "telephones" as he calls them, I do think this is his favorite place in the whole world, in his car seat watching a movie.

Lucas and daddy have been working on him sleeping in his own bed, for 2 nights now he has not been in ours. I am sad but at the same time I know we will all rest better with our own space.

We went to a birthday party last Saturday and the party favors were goldfish! ha!

So this is Charlie Lucas picked him out and named him. He seems to be loving his new home!

Tuesday night was Mema C's surprise 80th birthday party, and was she surprised! It was so much fun! Complete with dancing, a band, and lots of food! So many folks have been blessed to know her, makes me so proud that she is my mema :)

And that's it folks, we have a super busy weekend ahead of us and I can't wait!

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Jessica S. said...

i just love that picture of lucas at the top, it makes me laugh! and that goldfish tank is somthin else!!! too cute!