Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brent's Accident {Part 3}

I hope this is the last 'part' of the accident series :)

Well I left off last time with good news but since then we have a little bump in the road. Brent was not able to go back to work on the 23rd. He had been having some major headaches and blurred vision so we went back to see Dr. Brock, the eye surgeon on the 23rd.
He thought it may be nerve damage which is very scary, and one of the ways to fix nerve damage is surgery.
We were a bit discouraged to hear this and not looking forward to driving back up to little rock yesterday the 25th, not fun.

Dr. Brock referred us to Dr. Choko at UAMS our appointment was at 3:30 and it rained all the way there.
Dr. Chocko ran a bunch of tests and concluded that there is no nerve damage and he says all is normal for only being 3 weeks post op! That was a huge relief, he says that it will just take time for Brent to start seeing normal and to just rest and do a little every day.

We left feeling so grateful and all the driving didn't seem so bad to get to hear him say that.

So once again things are on the up and up and I am just praying they stay that way and we can get him feeling good again.
Thank you so much for all the prayers they are truly working and I feel so blessed to have such an awesome bunch of family and friends.

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