Friday, October 11, 2013


It has been a hard week y'all! I guess every week back after vacation is. We have also had had some fun stuff but I am ready for the weekend!

First off my truck has been in the shop all week with no signs of her coming home, to say I am heartbroken is a little dramatic but it's pretty much how I feel. I have been driving Brent's tank of a truck that he uses to pull his racecar trailer and by tank I mean TANK. The poor Sonic lady had to nearly throw me my corn dog the other day. I gave her a good tip because I felt so bad and that was my last trip to Sonic this week so maybe me driving "big white" isn't SO bad. But I am still ready to get my Tahoe home I miss the heated seats and my satellite radio. Ok I'll stop! ha!

I added a few more fall pretties around the house. I need more pumpkins, gotta do that this weekend for sure!

I ordered these mums from a preschool fundraiser and my word they are HUGE! I had no idea how big they would be but they are so pretty!

Picked up Lucas a new big brother shirt! I was going to use this as the big "revel" but I liked our beach picture better so he will wear this to the big ultrasound day and at the hospital and any other baby related thingy. He was very excited that it had his name on it but was a little disappointed that I didn't put his last name as well. He is so funny!

Lucas and I broke out the Halloween decorations! We've been watching Halloween movies for a few weeks now but finally put up some fun stuff! He had so much fun putting spiders around and then he drew the spider to put on the fridge :) 

These two have become inseparable! Oh my word. Lucas is all about daddy when he is around which has really worked out well for me. ha! Brent was out of town last night for the first time since we've been back and I was kinda worried how Luke would take it but he really did good. Just fell right back into our normal routine.

And this has been stuck to me since we've been home! He is the sweetest dog but such a mess at the same time!

I did get to watch some shows this week that I was excited about. Teen mom (hate me) and Brent and I have been long awaiting the new American Horror story. I even squeezed in an episode of Catfish!

Got a few boot days in this week! It was perfect coming home from the beach and being able to wear boots the next day!

Ordered the first big baby purchase! Was hoping it would make it more real but it still isn't..... This will go perfect in our bedroom and will be cute for either gender. (only 39 days to go!!!) I love the smaller size and how simple it is.

Tonight we are going to eat dinner with my parents (that feels weird to say lol) at Marketplace! I have been wanting to eat there all week! I already know what I'm having chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans! Eeeek can't wait!

Have a great weekend!!

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Brittney said...

I love your boots with the boot socks! SO cute! And yay for baby stuff! :)