Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday Tidbits! {on Friday}

It's been a fun week this week! Love all the Halloween-y stuff going on and getting excited about the weekend and next week!
Brent was out of town most of the week but came home last night! We were happy to see him!

Broke out some Halloween attire for the week!

          Lucas has been able to wear this hoodie for 3 Halloweens now! My little man :)

Love this time of year and the yummy goodies it brings! Lots of eating going on these days.....

Wednesday I did a little shopping! I never shop anymore its usually not worth the hassle and I hate spending money but I have been hearing about this boutique in town and wanted to check it out. SO glad I did! Loved it and found some super cute (stretchy) things!

Baby Coco is 17 weeks baked today!! Getting really excited and cannot wait to have my 20 week ultrasound in a few weeks!
I am also so enjoying dressing this baby bump! I am really having the time of my life this season I just feel so blessed :)
New shirt from my shopping trip, my first ever animal print! ha!

We have a fun fall weekend planned!
Tonight the football game between Greenwood and Southside. Southside is both Brent and I's Alma Mater so that is always fun!
Tomorrow we are visiting with family that's in town and maybe going to a pumpkin patch.
Sunday we have Trunk or Treat at Luke's school!
Oh and we have to 'build' Luke's robot costume too!
Wheeeee loving this time of year!!

Hope you are having tons of fall fun too :)

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