Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Stuff!

We had a fun and relaxing weekend, which is good because next weekend will be super busy!

I did a bump-date on Saturday! I totally stole this idea but think it is such a fun way to keep track for myself and to post so others who want to can keep up can. I just can't decided how often to do them. I don't want to do it every week but not sure how far apart I want them to be. humm..... 

Got some cute fall shirts in on Saturday. I love stripes on pregnant bellies and cannot wait to dress my bump for fall!

We picked up something for the baby on Saturday! Lucas poked a hole in the package because he thought they smell so good. hehe
He has also been doing so good about going to sleep and staying in his own bed. (we want to squash this habit before baby is here and I am up and down all night) Every night last week that he slept in his bed he got to pick out a hot wheels! He got 4 for last week and we will be working for more this week. :)

I also picked up the Little Mermaid to have at home. We watched it Saturday night and I just love that movie (well any Disney movie really lol) Lucas liked it too.

I am trying to stay away from caffeine and it has been so hard this time. I crave coffee and tea like no other and most days a cup of tea is the only thing to calm my stomach, so weird. So while trying to think of other things to drink besides water I tried Kool-Aid and it was a hit! Love it with a lot of ice! ha!

hehe just noticed the belly sneaking in the pic!

And last but not least of weekend happenings.
We have decided to part with the Mustang. (so if ya know anyone ;)
We love it but don't need 2 manual (that I have no desire to drive) cars so once she sells we are thinking of getting a new (automatic) Challenger. I am VERY excited about that!!

Brent is currently building 70 Challenger so we will have his and hers fun cars :)

That's about it!

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