Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Tidbits!

It's been a full week this week with a busy weekend to follow! Lucas will get to be the ring bearer in a friends wedding on Saturday! I can't wait to see him all dressed up :)

Wednesday he had a field trip to the pumpkin patch with his class! We had so much fun! Love seeing him and all his little friends together.

Before we went on the field trip he got to come to my office for a little bit. He loves going there and seeing the "girls". He drew lots of pictures. ha!

Tuesday was pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. I thought a lot about the past year of my life that day. I saw lots of tributes on FB and Instagram that kept reminding me as well. As hard of a day as it was this year it cannot even compare to how I felt last year. I had just lost my 2nd pregnancy and was in such a dark place. If someone would have told me last year where I would be this year I probably wouldn't have believed them but I guess that's what makes life so much sweeter. God knows your story but you don't. You have to live everyday praying that He leads you where you need to be. I know one day I will hold my sweet little ones and that will be a good day.

My truck is STILL in the shop. Hopefully I will get to pick it up today! That's all I have to say about that! ha! 

Yesterday I looked at my calendar and realized I am exactly one month away from being 20 weeks pregnant with this sweet baby. And while I am going through all the motions of a pregnant girl I still cannot believe this is happening. I am amazed every single day I look in the mirror or look at my pregnancy app. Sometimes I get the feeling everyone is sick of me saying that "this isn't real to me yet" but I can't help it! It's exactly how I feel. I think of things like I only have '5 more house payments to make until baby comes',' I won't have a birthday at work next year',' I won't have to take off work for our Branson trip next year','this is Luke's last Halloween, Christmas, birthday that he is an only child'. I am just amazed God is giving me another chance and that everything is going so well I am not taking any of this for granted. 

I wore my first pair of fleece lined leggings yesterday and WOW they are amazing! I wanted some last year but never got around to buying any. I am so glad I found these online, I can see myself living in them for the fall and winter months :)   

Brent got offered to be the first to take on a new kind of job at work. He will have lots of training to do but it will be a great opportunity! He is so good at what he does, I am just so proud of him!!

That's about all I can remember :) ha!

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Brittney said...

oh girl I LOVE my fleece leggings! A fall/winter favorite for sure!