Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Happenings!

We had a very full weekend this week! Lots of fun stuff this time of year!

Friday Brent and Lucas skipped work and school to head to the racetrack! Brent had a big race this weekend and since Lucas wouldn't be able to go on Saturday he got to go Friday. He was very happy!

Neat shot Brent got of the race car.

Lucas was pooped after the track and slept until we went to dinner! ha!

In other news my truck got to come home!! I have really missed it!

Turned 16weeks with baby love on Friday!!

Also on Friday I ordered baby a bouncy seat! Eeeek getting so so excited! Can't wait to find out the gender so I can really start shopping :)

Another bump picture after work on Friday. Y'all I seriously cannot quit! I am going to have a million pregnant pictures of myself by the end of this. ha!

Friday Luke and I had a wedding. He was the ring bearer and did such a good job!
Sarah and Mike's wedding was so much fun. It was at Lake Fort Smith and it was just a perfect day.

Ate two of these huge pickles from the wedding! Lord help me! ha!

While we were at the wedding Brent was at the racetrack. He ended up in the final 9 when they had to call the race because of an anti-freeze spill. They had a lot of fun and he even won some money!

Yesterday I made up a big bowl of Halloween candy! We are in full Halloween mode at my place and I can't wait for this 'halloween-y' weekend!!!

I ended the weekend doing lots of laundry, making tacos and watching Safe Haven. That was not a good pick for my crazy pregnancy hormones, if y'all know me you know I am NOT a crier but I have cried more times during this pregnancy than I have in my whole life! I bawled after that movie, Oh my word.

Hope you had a great weekend too!!

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