Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend!

We had a very, very low key holiday this year! We were all together and that's what truly matters most to me :) Brent didn't have to work one single hour in 3 days and we both so happy to be home!

Just have to say my Thirty-One party went fantastic! Having it at Pizza Warehouse was so simple and so fun!! Thank you to all that came! I can't wait to see all the stuff when it gets in!

Since we didn't do much of anything I don't have much to share I have a few pictures but we mostly stayed inside and watched t.v. and a movie(!) and I cleaned house/did laundry and ate a bunch of junk food!

Yes that is my child sorting gummy bears in the floor with the dog! What can ya do!?

Friday night Brent and I took Lucas over to David's and Genia's and we went and did some shopping and went to eat at Joe's Pasta, love that place!! It was a much needed time for just us and we enjoyed it! I cannot thank Genia enough for always wanting Lucas to come over so Brent and I (or just I) can go do something.

Saturday Brent went to get a hair cut so Luke and I went to McDonald's for a tea and to play since it was right next door, we stayed there a while then went to Wally World for diapers/wipes, movies, and some stuff for a get-together we would be going to on Monday. That night we grilled steak and chicken on the grill and played in the yard.

Lucas at Micky D's.

Sunday afternoon Luke and I went to Ethan's to play and to see his new house. That evening we went to a firework stand and then on to meet some family at Beef O Brady's for dinner and then went back home to shoot some fireworks with them and Ethan and his family came over too!

The boys LOVED the "snakes" and the smoke bombs they hated when Brent would light one of the cars or trains on fire to shoot! They liked the sparklers ok too. Brent did some big ones when it got dark and they didn't care to much for those either! Maybe next year they will like them better, I think all the adults enjoyed the show, Ha!

4th of July (Monday) we went down to the square in Greenwood, they had tons of bounce arounds, a craft fair, food, music, a helicopter landing for the kids, all kinds of things going on! We stayed for a while and let Lucas play and watch the helicopter then went home for a nap. That evening we had a get-together with Brent's side of the family then went back to the square for fireworks!

Cute cake Brent's aunt Danna made! So yummy too!

Sweet little Marley all dressed up for the festivities!

Such a fun weekend I was sad to see Tuesday roll around!


Jessica S. said...

what a CUTE cake!! I'm going to have to remember to do some strawberries like that!

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

I am dying over that cake! (and I'm not even American!)