Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Friday night Brent and I got to go on our weekly date night! We are loving getting to spend a few hours together doing something WE want to do. This week we went to eat at Chilli's because Brent owed me and then went to TJ Maxx to see if they had any good sheet sets. We ended up finding a sheet set and a new blanket for our bed! So of course that inspired a whole new room redo!

I also went over to mom's house on Saturday to get my Mema's nightstand that she gave me. I just love it! It's the one on the left, my side. It has two drawers and two doors for storage. Brent also hung the t.v. on the wall so we can see it better, it's so nice! I am in the market for a new chest of drawers to put under it. The one I currently have is quite squatty so I need at least a 5 drawer but would like a 6. So I will be on the hunt for that! When I find that and decide what to do for the head board I will post more pictures! Fun stuff :)

Lucas is loving his new bed too, stinker never sleeps in his bed anymore!

Sunday Lucas and I got up early and went to the McDonald's Playplace with Ethan and Ashley. The boys had fun! And Ashley and I got to catch up on the week.

Sunday evening we had some family over and my father in law made Chinese food! It was so yummy and Brent's aunt Dana made egg rolls also so good!

Brent and his two favorite boys!

Lucas and 'Baby Mikey' this was Brent's Cabbage Patch doll when he was little Lucas has been really into 'taking care of' his baby lately. He wants to change his diaper, give him a bottle and a binki it's just the sweetest thing! I hope Lucas will always be this caring.

We had a great weekend and spent it with the ones that matter most!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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