Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday Tidbits!

  • Can you believe Christmas day is over with already!? Kinda sad. We still have one more big Christmas to do though. With all the snow we couldn't make it to my side's Christmas celebration so we postponed until NewYears eve so it's not completely over with yet....

  • Love making the Tahoe look festive! Lucas kept saying this year "we're all decorated" when he would see the wreath :)

  • Loving my new fishy cup Brent got me! It's so funny!

  • Also loving these bowls that Desiree gave me! They are so pretty!

  • Brent and I drank champagne on Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve. We like to celebrate ;)

  • Lucas took our picture last night :) pretty good I think!

  • A little Pintrest crafting for family! These are what Lucas gifted to his favorite family members :)

  • I found him some rain boots a few weeks ago and thank goodness I did he's needed them with all this snow!

  • Yummy yummy hard cider. Seriously so good! If you like apple cider try some and they even have it at Target!

  • Lucas doesn't go back to school until the 7th of January! He's getting to hang out with Papaw this week and daddy next week though, he will be very spoiled for his teachers ;)

  • I am very ready to get out and about this weekend! We have been laying low with the holidays and snow this week and haven't been anywhere except work! Hopefully we can find something fun to do!

  • Thats all I got! I'm about to leave the office and go get Luke :)

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