Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekend via iPhone

This past week has been so surreal to us. We keep reflecting and remembering what we were doing this time last year and how things were so bad. Brent was in more pain than he'd ever been and I was trying my best to hold everything together, to keep things normal for Lucas and to be there for Brent the best I could. This year has certainty been full of heartache for our little family but we have grown so close despite it all.

We've spent the last few weeks just being together. Lots of time at home, snuggled on the couch, playing with new toys, cold nights with warm fires going, dogs driving us crazy, movies and early bedtimes. Usually we are on the go but for some reason this week, maybe its the cold snowy weather or maybe it's just we know we have so much to be grateful for inside our home, we have had lots of togetherness without much outside influence and I am loving it so.

I went to Wally World for groceries yesterday and I spotted these! I'm not much of a polka dot girl but I just fell in love with these jammies and had to have them!

This weekend I spent most of my time putting away Christmas decor, I have such mixed feeling about seeing it go but I was thrilled to see this little guy again!  

Brent got the bright idea to add some shelving in our garage for storage! I sure do love him and his good thinking :) So on Saturday we made a trip to HomeDepot to get the supplies.

Lucas had a blast ridding the cart :)

Brent working away! 

Lucas got to spend 2 days with Pawpa last week and they went and did all kinds of fun stuff like going to McDonald's for pancakes!

Lucas crashed Friday night on our way home from eating, Brent ran into WalMart to get some movies and by the time he came out Lucas was asleep! It was only 7:30!

Love, Love Loves his "football player costume" he tries to wear it everyday and I'm pretty sure he thinks this is his best present!  We are going to Christmas with my side of the family tonight and I can't wait to see him open a bunch more :)

And since it's the last day of the year, my new years resolution is to learn to eat better and start exercising. I know I know everyone says this but I need to get on the ball! So tomorrow morning I start! I'll get up and do a 30 minute exercise video and cut out all sweets starting tomorrow morning! I'm hoping by starting out slow and small I can work up to the bigger things :)

I am very happy and hopeful to start 2013!!

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