Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

  • Yay it's Thursday! We have a jam packed fun weekend planned starting tonight!  Can you believe there's only 2 weekends before Christmas!!
  • Speaking of Christmas I got an early present! Brent got me an iPhone 5 and I am in love! The pictures are so crisp and I'm loving the panorama option.

  • I went and had dinner and margaritas with Robyn, my childhood best friend (more like sister) we hadn't seen each other in a very long time it was so much fun. We hadn't talked like that in years but are can still connect on such a deep level. Our childhood was so intertwined we just know each other even if we aren't really part of each others day to day life now. She was truly such a breath of fresh air, I really hope to see her more often.

  • Cooper is the best snuggle buddy. Monday nights I usually stay up late and watch my shows and he always wants to be in my lap, he is so sweet.

  • Luke's very best friend Carter brought him back a few gifts from Mexico, so sweet. This little sombrero was the prefect size for T-Rex :)

  • I really loath the wrapping part of Christmas! This year I went really simple. Solid colors and yarn, I'm really loving it. And almost all of my shopping is done! I hope to knock the rest out this weekend!

  • Today I am feeling so SO blessed. I can't even describe how truly happy I am. I'm the worst about letting day to day things get to me but once in a while I can take a step back and see all around me and think wow I am so undeserving of this life. It's never perfect but it's darn near close.

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