Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Tidbits (week recap)

  • We've had another fun but busy week!

  • Saturday we went to Olivia's 3rd birthday party at the Monkey House! The kids had a blast bouncing, eating cupcakes, and helping Olivia open her presents.

  • We have decided to have a Christmas party this year! We've been thinking about it for over a week. I want to keep things simple this year and just make it really fun for the kids and the big kids :)

  • Wednesday I went to the dentist for my problem wisdom tooth and he eased my mind that the one coming in would not damage the one next to it but I need to get them out soon. So after the first of the year I've get to do that :(

  • Lots of after work activities going on mean quick easy soup dinners!

  • Last Thursday was Brent's birthday he turned 33! I am so thankful he was born, I just wish I could talk to his mom about him being a baby and growing up. We got the whole family together and went to eat at RedLobster (Luke's choice) and just had the best time being together. Lucas' and Waylon's relationship is really starting to blossom and I just can't get enough of them being together.
Brent's birthday goodies from Luke and I. A little cookie cake, a little vodka, and Arkansas apparel, what more would a man need! ha!

  • Halloween jammies in December because it's been to warm for Christmas ones! ha!

  • Saturday night we had some family over for dinner Brent 'fried' a pork loin like we did the turkeys at Thanksgiving. I am loving my new kitchen that provides a great place for family.

  • Tuesday night we had Luke's Christmas program at school. He did so good! Danced like crazy, he is so funny! I am SO thankful his little preschool does these it may honestly be my favorite thing of the year. He calls his shirt and tie his prince costume! ha!

His name in the program :)

Before heading to school to dance.

Eating with family after the show.

  • We've got a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow night we are taking Lucas to the winter wonderland thingy to see Santa and ride the train. Saturday Brent has a class for work all day so Lucas and I are taking the pups to see 'Santa Paws' that will be so fun if I can get them to all 3 take a picture with Santa! Then Saturday night is my work Christmas Party which means a date night, dressing up, eating and drinking good and lots of laughs!  Sunday I hope to stay close to home to get some things done around the house like wrapping gifts! Yeehaw I just love this time of year!!

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