Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Labor Day Weekend!

We had a very relaxed long weekend! I am so grateful because the next few week are going to be jam packed!

Friday afternoon when we got home Luke had a package waiting for him :)

With my renewal of Parents magazine they were giving away Dr. Seuss books and a bag to keep them in! Oddly enough I had this entire set with a bag when I was a kid! I need to find that at mom's.

8 books plus the bag for around 5 bucks! And I only paid that to get the "Apples on Top" and "Fox in Socks" the rest were FREE (with my paid subscription, of course :) but the year subscription is only $8 so I feel like this was a pretty good deal! Never can have to many books!

Friday afternoon we also went to play at McDonald's with Ethan and Ashley! The boys had fun! Lucas loves climbing and sliding and all that fun stuff!

Friday night we just stayed in. Brent got home from being out of town all week around 7 and I went and got Mexican to go and we ate dinner and hung around the house!

Brushed our teeth!

Combed our hair!

Then messed it back up with our "helmet". Lucas wears this sock hat when he is riding his "motorcycle" which is his plasma scooter thing.

Saturday Brent had to go into work for a bit so Luke and I hung around the house until lunch and went to meet up with daddy! We ate at Cheader's and ran around town looking for Brent some new tennis shoes and we had something to take back to HomeDepot. I am so proud to say I did not spend a dime :) we went to about 6 stores, including the mall and I didn't get anything but a Cherry Coke :)

We were going to watch the Hog game when we got home but something was wrong with the cable so we didn't, I'm kinda glad, it was a wash out and the Razorbacks won! We made dinner and went on a walk down to the school to play.

Sunday Brent spent the day working on his race car and Luke and I went grocery shopping and did somethings around the house.

And took some pictures.

After dinner Brent and I were dying for some ice cream but that is not on our new diet ;) So we called the local ice cream shop to see if they were open to get some froyo. Of course they weren't at 7:00 pm on a Sunday so we ventured to town, usually we would not dive 30 minutes away for frozen yogurt but this diet is killing me! We knew Braum's would be open but before we went to Braum's we checked to see if the new Goody's was open, it was!! It was super fun! We all loved it!

So we have decided this will be our Sunday night treat it was well worth the drive and what else is there to do on Sunday nights! I am completely hooked!

We ended up watching a movie because neither of us had to work the next day, I have to say I feel very blessed that Brent and I had the day off on Monday and that we work for companies that give us holiday pay. I have worked places that don't give you the day off and don't give holiday pay either and it it truly nice.

Anyways we rented The Dilemma and it was really good! Kevin James is always so funny though.

Monday we got up and did some yard work. It was such a nice day! Amazing actually.

Open window with a breeze!

After lunch we headed to the park to play and ride the train! Lucas had a blast on the train, I'm kinda sad we didn't do this more during the summer. We will have to ride it more this winter when they do the Christmas train.

This is the same train my brother and I used to ride on with my grandparents. So neat!

Lucas and Daddy waiting on the train.

My sweet little boy.

Lucas and Daddy.

Us riding the train!

We played on the playground some.

Then stopped by Sonic for Happy Hour before we went home!

Lucas took a late nap and I organized some stuff in the kitchen while Brent did some things at the shop.

We ate dinner and watched some t.v. before calling it a night!

Such a great weekend! We didn't do much but it was perfect!

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Jessica S. said...

OH my! What wonderful pictures! love it!