Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Recap!

We had a wonderful weekend, I LOVE fall weekends they are the best!!

Our weekend was relaxing but not to fool you it was still busy!

Friday after school I took Luke over to Mema's for a few hours so I could run some errands! He had a fun time and I got a lot done that would have taken me twice as long with him in tow!ha!

We stopped by Papa Murphy's to grab a pizza dinner, they have a yummy "delite" pizza for less than 200 calories per slice! I was so so happy that we all liked it, super easy fast yummy healthy dinner! Score!! We WILL be eating this once a week!

Saturday we got up and around early and went to our little town diner to eat breakfast this was our first time to do this with Lucas and it was fun, I think we should do it more. After we ate we ran some errands with Daddy, he was going to the track a little later and had to tie up some loose ends. He left about 12ish and the real fun began!


I did laundry, cleaned house a little and did some re-arranging! Lucas helped me of course and watched some Micky mouse until nap time!

I also switched out my curtains, this was one of Brent's Mamaw's sheets that I rescued from the yard sale pile! I absolutely love it! And I love having things around that remind us of special people or tell a story.

Around dinner time we headed to town to get Mema and go eat! We stopped by Kohl's because I had another coupon to spend! I had spent 3 there Friday night getting my boots and Lucas some shirts but I still had one and couldn't let it expire without using it! ha!

My new boots!

Luke's new shirts got them all for $3 and some change!!! The motorcycle one I got for FREE with my coupon on Saturday night, what an amazing feeling to walk out of the store with a bag without spending a penny!

We ate dinner at Firehouse and then went to Goody's for some "ice cream", Brent was a little sad he missed out but he was at the race track so I didn't feel too guilty and besides we had to show Mema ;)

Lucas had his usual, Chocolate pronounced Choc-it with m&m's and marshmallows! He now requests this before we even get inside! ha! After our "ice cream" we took Mema home and headed home ourselves. We both fell asleep waiting on Daddy to come home.

Sunday we stayed around the house, went to Pawpa's for a bit and Lucas got his first fixer-upper!

A little bike with training wheels, my father in law's neighbor gave this to Lucas and he was on cloud 9! It needed a new tube, well come to find out a whole new wheel, it's faded and could use some paint but he didn't care I'm sure this is the first of many "fixer uppers" him and Brent will get to work on together. Lucas loved being able to help Brent get it going. That was probably the sweetest thing I have see between Brent and Lucas.

He wouldn't have been any happier with a brand new bike I'm so so glad we've been waiting to get him one, this one will be pretty special.

After dinner Sunday, cherry coke zero crock-pot chicken so yummy, and zero calories,I went to help re-sort items at the Trading Hands Kids Sale I was there from 6 to 10, whewh I had no idea how out of shape I am,being on my feet for four hours did me in! It was a lot of fun though, especially for an organizing nut like me! I got home a little before 10:30! Late night for me!

Today after work Luke and I are taking Chip to the vet it seems his meow-er is broke! He doesn't have a voice, it's so sad and almost funny he seems fine, eating and all but I want to make sure he is ok. I was going to knock-out the grocery store trip today but such is life! That can wait.

Have a great week!!


Jessica S. said...

fun fun weekend. and i LOVE THOSE BOOTS!!!! SOOOOOO cute

Tonia Hobbs said...

I love these fall weekends too! Cute boots! Great curtains!