Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap!

We had a very full weekend! I wasn't planning on it being this busy but it was and that was ok!

Friday night we took some cupcakes to my sister in laws birthday party, I didn't stay at the party,I'm not sure what is wrong with me these days but I just want to be with Brent and Lucas all the time. I rarely do anything besides come to work with out one of them and I just have no desire to do anything that doesn't involve one or both of them. I used to be such the social butterfly but this season of my life there isn't much room for that and that is ok!

After we dropped the cupcakes off we went to Kohl's and went to eat at Fridays, we both ate really well! I am so proud of us for eating good at a restraunt, I can honestly say it's getting easier and I often don't even miss my old ways of eating. After we left Fridays we went over to Brent's Mamaw's old house and went though some pictures and things. We stayed there until around 11:30.

Saturday morning mom and I went to do some yard sale-ing! It was my town "City Wide Yard Sale" day so we got out early and found some treasures!

I got this old school desk, chair, and glob for $7!

I started taking the fabric off yesterday and under it the wood is in great shape! What an amazing find! Lucas will love this and what a great little home-work station when the time comes!

After yard-saleing we went to McDonalds for Happy Meals, Ronald was there for all the kids to see and Lucas really liked him! I was surprised!

Saturday afternoon I went to my friend and co-worker's wedding and reception. It was really pretty! Congratulations James and Ally!

Loved the baby's breath in mason jars!

When I got home from the wedding we headed to eat with Brent's parents, uncle, and my mom.

We ate at the sizzler, then Lucas went on to Mamaw's with Nana and Papaw and Brent and I went to run a few errands. We went back to Mamaws and ended up going through more pictures and stuff! Lots and lots of pictures!

I texted this picture to Desiree, my coupon partner. My little "stock pile" it's even grown more since this was taken! I am pretty proud!

I am really learning about this couponing way of life, no I am not getting things for free or for pennies but I am getting what we do use at a fraction of the price it would usually cost me. It does take extra time and I do have to be willing to hit up more stores than just Wal-Mart but it works! And I am loving this new found hobby of mine :)

Yesterday we had planned on taking Lucas to the zoo but that didn't happen after 2 late nights we just decided to stay home and sleep in. So we did! It rained anyways so I didn't feel like we missed out.

One thing we did do is put new lights on the front of our house! I've been wanting to do this forever and with my bingo ladies coming next month that was just the excuse I needed!

So much better! I am really looking forward to getting all my fall decor put up real soon too!

Fun fun weekend with my boys!

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Jessica S. said...

GREAT POST!! =) those are the same light fixtures as suzie and gary's!! ha! i LOVE them!!! very pretty!