Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • First I have to say I am excited about my No-Spend September challenge that started today! I am really preparing to just say no, and not buy any thing. It's going to be tough but I think I can do it! It's only for 30 days so surly I will make it! ha! My personal goal is save $1000.00 for the month of September, but I hope to go a little over that. I will report back weekly on anything I have purchased and what I have found that I wanted to buy but didn't! I will also post twice this month on how much has gone into our savings! It's sad how excited I am about this but I REALLY want to see our savings account grow!

  • I am very excited for the 3 day weekend coming up! We don't have anything planned but if Brent is home with us that will be enough for me!

  • Lucas has recently informed us that he has a girlfriend and he thinks she is pretty! I have not clue where he gets this stuff. We don't joke with him about girls or girlfriends, it's so funny when they use a word correctly that you haven't taught them, ha!

  • Also Lucas is now on a "no sugar after school diet" O man this child is giving me a run for my money, he is the sweetest thing but such a night owl! I'm just trying to figure out a way to get him asleep by 9:00........

  • Speaking of diets Brent and I have made a decision to start eating "healthier" as a family too. We cut out pop a while ago but now have decided to cut out desserts every night too, maybe only having dessert once a week. We have started drinking unsweet tea and I am going to start steaming our veggies instead of boiling them. Also my main problem has been portion size, especially when we are eating out! So last night I was proud of myself that I got a happy meal instead of a large size meal! I know Micky D's isn't the best choice but it's going to happen sometimes and I know just by cutting my meal down to 1/3 of the size I used to order will help tremendously!

  • Luke again did so good at church last night, he was actually excited to go! I cannot be more happy about this! I am so grateful he is loving it!

  • My Life Planner shipped yesterday so hopefully early next week I should have it!!

  • I have been researching puppies for Lucas a lot lately trying to make a good decision. I have read a lot about Aussie's and they are great with kids. Love to play and the mini size only gets to 35 lbs so that's not to big either. I have mostly seen them in the black and white and the speckled look but I am thinking about a more brown one. This one just looks like a boy's dog.

  • I am getting so excited about the cooler temps coming our way! My fall decor is probably going up this weekend!

  • Have you seen all the accent vlogs going around? Ha! I will not be doing one of those but I love watching them all!

Have a great LONG weekend all!

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Jessica S. said...

That Aussie looks EXACTLY like AJ's daddy! =) And his name was Auzzie. haha. I loved him.