Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • Ok so I know your dying to know how the no-spending thing is going! (yea right ! ) It is actually going very well! I have not bought any un-necessary items all month so far! Yay go me! I will have an update next Thursday on how much has gone into savings thus far! I am pretty excited!

  • Also our diet new way of eating is going very well! I am very proud of Brent, and his will power definitely provides me with some too! I usually have no self control when it comes to food but we are all doing very well and we have each shed a few pounds!

  • Luke's low sugar intake is going good too but it doesn't seem to put him to bed any earlier. I have come to the realization that he is a night owl and will probably always go to bed at 10 until he quits having to take naps. But I have learned some healthy alternative snacks that we will stick with instead of all the sweet junk that we will still eat.

  • I'm guessing my hormones have calmed down, my baby fever seems to be on it's way out! Whew that was close! Ha! No but really I know that the best thing will be to wait a few years before we have another little one. And I am ok with that! We have so much planned in the next few years and there is so much that we can do now with Lucas I want to treasure this time.

  • Lucas lately has been saying prayers before we eat! It's the sweetest thing I have ever heard!

  • Thinking about changing my hair color up for fall! Maybe adding some blondish or shall I call it honey to it? I don't want to go darker but I do want something different and I AM NOT cutting it! Nope Never!

  • Teen Mom? Ugh such my guilty pleasure! I can't get enough of this show! Love watching these girls go through the trials of being a mom and still being so young. Brent says it's fake but I don't care! ha!

  • We have a busy couple of weeks going on right now. This weekend we are heading to the racetrack and next weekend I have my sister in law's birthday party Friday evening. Big town yard sale and a wedding Saturday. Then Sunday we are going to my mom's company picnic! Loving all these fall time activities!

  • Trying to think of what Luke should be for Halloween this year. The past 2 years he has been a monkey and a lion. I am thinking this year maybe a monster or a robot he says "no-bot" but I would really like to dress Chloe up to go along with him. We have thought of Woody and Bullseye? Just not sure!

  • I am hosting bingo for my "bingo club" next month I am very excited about this!! Can't wait to decorate the house for fall and bake some fall goodies!

Have a great week!


Brooke A. said...

Yep, Teen Mom is definitely one that's DVR'd...sadly :)
I've been watching it since it was 16 and pregnant and following them with their kids being older is kind of cool. Even if it is scripted. :)
I LOVE BINGO! If you ever need an extra...count me in! ;)

Katie said...

haha me too about teen mom! Ok I am totally inviting you to bingo then!

Jessica S. said...

Ha! love that he says his prayers! what a sweet boy.
the costume thing sounds hilarious! i love the woody and bulleye thing! and your hair will look great! =)