Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My New BFF!

And nope she's no Dyson, she's a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser! I researched many of the reviews on the Dyson and on a lot of other top names in vacuums and Dyson didn't get any better reviews than this guy did and was a fraction of the price so I thought why not!!

It came yesterday and Brent put it together and I used it right away! I couldn't believe all the hair it picked up being I had just vacuumed on Sunday! Wow and with the new addition coming in February I thought a pet vacuum was the way to go!

I already love that it's bag less! And hand hose seems longer than my last one so that will be nice! The hand tools are hot pink so that is fun too! So far I really like it, didn't even put it away last night because I knew I would be wanting to use it again today! ha!

And these two are the reason I needed a vacuum for hair ;)

Also I have had a few questions on if I still like my couch and if it's held up and all that. And I can proudly say she has held up fine! I still love it so much! It provides the extra seats we need when people are over but it's not a huge sectional that gets in the way at all! I still love playing with different ways to arrange it, I love having the ottoman and a coffee table to play with! This picture was taken this morning and I have the ottoman butted up against one end to turn it into a chase on one side I am loving this, it's the first time I've done it, so SO great for t.v. watching and snuggling ;)

This weekend she is getting her first time in the washer! Can you believe it I've had a WHITE sofa for over 6 months with a two year old, dog, cat, and a husband and this is the first time I'm putting it in the washer?! And I'm only doing that because I'm hosting for bingo club next week and well ya know.
I am still very happy with my purchase it's still "firm" which I really like but Brent wishes it was softer but it will get that way I'm sure over the next year. I am most proud because I haven't been the nervous wreck I thought I would be with a white couch, I told myself not to be before we bought it but things are different when things get home. I have made no "special" rules for the couch Lucas still eats his snacks on it and jumps and flops around like a crazy person the cat and dog get on it when they want and all is well, imagine that ;)

I just love "home" stuff I feel like I play house everyday! Soon I'll take pictures of my fall decor!

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Jessica S. said...

ahh love it!! so so cute! and love that vaccum! maybe that's what i need to get!