Monday, October 3, 2011

The Case of the Missing Meow......

I don't get to talk to much about my pets on here, well because let's face it since becoming a wife and mom my "fur babies" have taken the backseat if I'm being honest.

But this is kinda a funny story and I'll want to remember it so here goes...

Last Sunday I noticed our cat Chip, Chipper mostly to me, wasn't meow-ing. I know to most this isn't a big deal but Chip is VERY vocal, he is always "talking" and loves to meow at the back door to come in on the weekends.

So I brought him in and gave him some food thinking something was stuck in his throat, he ate and drank. I looked him over thinking he got in a fight or stuck in a tree but nothing his collar was still on and not tight so I went on about my day.

Into the day I noticed he was being very lazy, he is usually lazy but he was being more than usual I also noticed he wasn't purring. I kept him inside that night thinking he's meow would be back the next day, it wasn't. I made him stay inside while I was at work Monday and made him an appointment at the vet for Monday after work.

Luke and I went home and loaded him up to take to the doctor. Lucas was very concerned that Chip was sick and kept saying "it's ok Chipper" all the way there. Taking pets to the vet is a whole different experience when you have kids in tow. I always worry Lucas will get scared or see something that he won't understand but our vet's office is very good about making sure to tell Lucas in a way that he understands, it's amazing really and Lucas loves going there! Chip not so much, ha!

They checked Chip over, nothing. They asked me some questions and still came up with nothing. So they gave him a shot of antibiotic and we were to come back if he got worse or if his meow didn't come back within 5 days.

The next morning his meow had returned, not full force but pretty good. And every day after it has been better.

I have no idea what caused it or if the antibiotic helped it but I'm happy to have my meowing kitty back!

Chip is 5 years old! He's been with me longer than Brent and he has defiantly given me some stories to tell! I "rescued" him from a shopping buggy at Wal-Mart him and his brothers and sisters were up for grabs and they all looked pretty sickly but I brought him home and he has been happy ever since. I had always thought kittens with his coloring were the cutest and boy he was a cutie!

Today I have my hair appointment to get it colored I haven't had my hair colored in 5 years! Yikes!! I am so excited!

Also Thursday I will include the final tally of my "No Spend September" it ain't pretty people!!

Have a great week!!


Jessica S. said...

haha!!! seriously the best post title EVER! hahaha! I am not a cat person but he is a b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. cat!!! i just love him!

Alyssa said...

What a gorgeous cat! Our cat, Nonnie is very vocal, too. If we talk to him, he responds!