Monday, October 24, 2011

Wow What a Weekend!

We started our weekend on Friday night with dinner with some family well minus Brent, he was driving home from being in Oklahoma since early Thursday morning. I was so glad to have him home Friday night and Saturday!

We spent all day Saturday lounging around the house, Brent watched the Hog game, Lucas stayed outside 90% of the day and I caught up on chores around the house. I made a yummy lunch and we just all enjoyed being home on a beautiful day. It was perfect.

We had a birthday party at 5 that evening we went to Target before hand and when we made it to the parking lot of Chick fil a Brent got a phone call. He had to leave to go back to Oklahoma and pull an all night-er. Not. Fun.
We left the party after about 20 min and headed back home. Brent's job is a good job but it takes a lot of sacrifices on all of our parts.

When we got home and Brent got packed and headed out. Lucas was still upset about leaving the party early so we went to Sonic for some ice cream.

We stayed in the rest of the night and watched "Monster Show" that's what Lucas calls Monster House (have you ever heard/seen this? such a cute cute little kid Halloween movie) we have watched it everyday for a week now. ha!

Sunday Luke and I got up and went and did some coupon-ing at Walgreens. Then went to eat lunch with mom at Panera and went to Target. Then we went and put some fall flowers down at the cemetery for my Grandma, her birthday is tomorrow she would've been 86. It is still so surreal that she isn't here and oddly enough Brent's Mamaw's birthday was yesterday.

We headed home around 3 so I could get home and make dinner. Brent got home around 4 and was exhausted. We had a very quiet and early night, Luke asleep by 9 (which is un heard of) and I was in bed by 10.

Nothing exciting but a good weekend nonetheless (for me anyway) ;)

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Jessica S. said...

That first picture of Luke is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.