Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Weekend Round Up! (is that poop!?)

Luke and I (I didn't add Brent to that because he had a long hard day at the ractrack Saturday) had a very much needed relaxing weekend after a busy week!

Friday night we went over to my Uncle David and Genia's for dinner, it was yummy and we always enjoy getting everyone together for dinner.

Saturday Brent headed to the racetrack early early in the morning so we were all up by 7! Lucas and I watched movies and played around the house until about 2 we stopped for "Happy Nour" and went to mom's house, Lucas napped and I went to Wal-Mart and Kohls! I love those little $10 Kohl's cards they send out! My dad always gives them to me and I get one about once a week! I go in and challenge myself to spend only the $10 and I've done it successfully twice! This week I got a free rug for my entry way!

For dinner we met up with my grandma and dad to eat some Mexican, and I have officially had my very first "embarrassment by my child's question moment". When our dinner came out and Lucas saw the beans on my plate he asked rather loudly "is that poop?!" and he was serious! He wasn't trying to be funny, which was even more funny to my mom and I. I could have died and while I am trying to compose myself to not laugh because I didn't want him to think it was funny he asks it again, and again! We were sitting INCHES from other tables mind you, I am finally able to explain that it is beans and to not say that at dinner but boy o boy that was a doozie!

When I text Brent to tell him I can't stop laughing again! Fun Fun times!

After dinner Luke and I head home and watched some t.v. then went to sleep, Brent got home really late so I didn't even try to wait up on him ;)

Lucas and Chloe asleep on the couch.

Sunday we went and had lunch at Panera Bread then headed out to Neumier's Fall Festival! We have been twice now and it has the best fall "scenes" for picture opts! Which I love!

Lucas got to ride a pony and he wasn't even scared!

Lucas and daddy in a tee pee!

Lucas and mommy with our new pumpkin!

Nice weekend I really wasn't ready for it to end but the good news is we are only 5 days away from another ;)

Lucas ready to head to school this morning! That smile makes everything seem so easy....


Jessica S. said...

such good pictures!! i love those tiger pjs soooo cute!! something about striped pants i just looove.

The Branches said...

what a cutie pie I love his hair!