Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • I cannot get into the blogging mood this week, and I haven't taken any pictures either! What's wrong with me.....

  • We are still on the perfect puppy search, I'm so glad we started early. If you know of any dogs great with kiddos let me know!! So far in the aussie is still in the lead! ha!

  • I am currently researching apple farms close by to visit this weekend! Wouldn't that be so fun and lots of great picture ops! I am so SO thrilled to have no plans this weekend and can spend both days with my boys!

  • Lucas has decided that he likes to bite his friends! It first happened 2 weeks ago and again yesterday. I'm not quite sure how to handle this, Brent and I have both talked to him about it and he seems to know that it is wrong but I guess in "the heat of the moment" all his morals go out the window! ha! I was pretty upset about all this but then I read Tonia's post this morning and I know I need to cherish the time when biting is my only worry....

  • We are still eating pretty good! We did not this weekend but we have been way better during the week, but I think that is the way it's supposed to be ;)

  • Still doing the coupon thing and I even got to help a friend out last weekend! And! FBC in Greenwood is doing a seminar on coupon-ing this month! So exciting! ha!

  • So yea there is not a whole lot going on around here this week and that is OK by me!

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