Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Air Fair To Remember!

This time of year is so busy! I love/hate it! ha!

We went to the fair the other night and had a blast! Lucas is at such a good age: we rode a ton of rides, ate some yummy food, and spent a fun night as a family! Doesn't get any better than that!

Brent and Lucas at our dinning table for the night! Brent and I had gyros and Lucas had a corn dog! Later we had Dippin Dots, cotton candy, and candy apples! Yummy!!

Lucas and I rode almost all the rides he was able to get on and surprisingly that was a lot! Brent rode the big Farris Wheel and this barn yard/tornado ride with us! Lucas loved it! I hope he always likes to ride carnival rides I need a ride partner! ha!

We had such a good time! Brent and I both agreed that was the best time we have ever had at our little state fair, it is so fun to watch Lucas have such a fun time!

Picture of Luke when we got home! He was exhausted!

We also attended the Air Show! Brent really likes the Air Show and we hadn't had one in about 3 years! So he was really excited to take Lucas!

We met up with some friends and that made the time between the airplanes a lot more enjoyable!

Carter and Lucas played airplanes for a long time and we enjoyed the nice weather!

Lucas loved it but was tired and a little cranky! We left early and headed home! There is just so much going on this time of year it's hard to do it all! Did I already say that? Whew!

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