Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • Completely random post remember? ha just wanted to warn anyone reading!

  • I am down to only being 3 pounds away from my pre-Lucas weight! I am pretty excited about that and think I will stop here and maintain. I have never had issues about my weight but I just assumed when you had babies you got bigger and stayed that way, I didn't think I had any self control of yummy foods and candy but I have found out I do and I can! But I don't feel like I have deprived myself at all just making healthier choices and telling myself no once in a while. Brent has lost 15 pounds and wants to loose 15 more.

  • Tuesday night we went to McDonald's to play with Ethan and Ashley. Those boys sure do keep us laughing!

  • Lucas and I are puppy-sitting for the rest of the week/weekend. She is only a little over a year old so this may be the true test of which side of the fence I am on about getting a puppy. She has been so good and both Chloe and Chip love her! I was really surprised Chip did so well with her!

  • Funny picture of us Tuesday night, my phone takes the worst pictures when you flip it around here is proof! ha!

  • Today Lucas has another field trip at school! They are going to the Wild Things Farm, Lucas loves going! They will get to see pigs and goats, go on a hayride and pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. I am very sad I didn't get to go, being a working mommy is so hard sometimes :(

  • The other night I asked Brent if he liked haunted houses he said they were ok and I replied "I love them I want to go to one this year" then I thought wait how old is to old to be going to haunted houses! ha! Neither of us has brought it up since.....

  • I love the new update for my iPhone when it comes to texting! I am also so glad Brent knows what he is doing then it comes to this kind of stuff or I would have never got the new update ;)

  • We are planning a trip in December to go to Branson, Mo to see all the holiday festivities! I am getting really excited about that, once I get Halloween out of the way I will be full on planning mode for that!

  • Speaking of Halloween, Lucas keeps telling his teachers he is going to dress up as a snowman and when I asked him today what he was going to be he said a princess! Where does he get this stuff! Crack me up! He is actually going to be a skeleton.

  • O this boy, we can pick up his room and not 2 minutes later it looks like this....

  • I still need to do a post about our weekend and the apple picking, maybe I will get that done before I have to post about this weekend! ha!

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