Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Catch-Up! {IPhone Edition}

First off I have to say we are potty trained!! Can you believe it!? 100% no diapers for a week now! Not at night not on trips nothing! Wearing big boy undies 24/7 I honestly can't believe I am typing this, o my word. When I said 'we' I meant it, Brent and I could not get on the potty training wagon, Lucas was ready 6 months ago but we were not, we cannot believe he is getting so big and just want time to slow down!
But I am very proud of him!

Something I have noticed just in the past couple of days is Lucas will say 'momma' instead of mommy, it's pretty cute but sad as well :sigh:

Ok on to our Thanksgiving weekend.....

We had a very busy Thanksgiving to say the least, which I find to be a challenge with littles but we loved getting to see everyone and eat way to much!

Mini pumpkin bunt cake things with cream cheese frosting, they were fantastic!

Lucas and I also attempted to make these little treats that I have seen everyone making, well leave it to me to burn the easiest thing on the planet to make! Lucas didn't seem to care he just liked helping me. We will be trying these again real soon.

Friday night we went and visited some family that we never get to see, in fact it was Brent's and Luke's first time to meet most of them.
Lucas had so much fun with all his cousins, kids are so funny, they had never seen each other before but by the end of the night they didn't want to say bye.

Saturday we got all the inside Christmas stuff and going! Of course it is never done at my house I am always tweaking things but here is a shot of the has already changed some and we fixed the star ;)

and my new truck even got in the decor! I have always wanted to put a wreath on my vehicle, I just never felt like that I had one nice enough but not this year! I maybe a teensy bit obsessed with my new Tahoe, I am truly in love with this car! She is amazing, ok I'm done.....for today :)

Sunday we put up all of our outside lights! Lucas thinks that is pretty cool.

I also did a little Pintrest crafting too while I was away from work! I love this but I am just not sure about the bow thing on top......

Got a new little birdy nest ornament that will for sure be out year round!

A few other things that I don't have pictures of.

Chip the cat got into some trouble this weekend again, looks like another cat or animal bit his paw and it was awful! Swollen twice the size of his other and I will spare you some other gory details but I took him to the vet first thing this morning and he got some shots and should be good to go in a few days!

Tomorrow is Brent's 32nd birthday! O my word!! I will be baking a cake tonight and praying his gift gets here today!

I will also do a "real" Thanksgiving post with all of our "nice" pictures soon!

I love quotation marks.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Jessica S. said...

Looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving break!! =) your tree is so pretty!! and i love allll the other pics too! and that wreath on your tahoe is so you my friend ;) cute cute cute.