Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap!

We had a very fun and full weekend this week but somehow I still feel like I got to relax maybe it's the time change? Not sure but it was pretty good!

Friday night Brent, Lucas and I went to eat a late dinner at Outback and went and did a little Christmas shopping. It was fun and knocked out a few more gifts!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and went to pick Ashley and Ethan up to head to the Tulsa Zoo! The boys were very excited when we told them we were almost there! ha!

It was much more chilly in Tulsa than it was at home that morning.

We ended up riding the train around the park and then headed to the mall!

We went to the Disney store after we grabbed some lunch, the boys had a blast in there! So funny! I think we stayed in there for an hour looking at everything..twice ;)
I think Lucas thought it was the coolest place on earth! I told Brent he needs to take him to a Disney store really soon because it is too fun!

We couldn't leave without getting some Dippin Dots!

We had such a good time with Ashley and Ethan I just love that our boys are so close we will have to do this again soon!

We got home Saturday around 5 and stayed in for the night, I made another batch of applesauce, Lucas loves it and I pack it in his lunch about everyday! I jokingly put on my Facebook status that night that in my last life I must have been a Mott's employee! ha! It's just so neat to me to take a pile of apples and turn them into something so good! Not to mention cooking apples with a cinnamon stick makes my house smell like a dream!

I also made home made cinnamon rolls but not just any cinnamon rolls Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls! I was so SO excited to try these! A lady from work got to go to a luncheon and meet Ree "The Pioneer Woman" and brought her book back for all of us here to look at! ha! I had looked up the recipe for the cinnamon rolls back before Easter but Brent talked me out of making them, but when I saw the recipe in her book I got the nerve to just go for it!
And so I did!
I woke up early-ish on Sunday put in my Twilight soundtrack and went to work. I had the time of my life! I'm really getting into this whole cooking thing.

My kitchen was a huge mess, flour everywhere but I didn't care I can't believe I did it! And they turned out so yummy!!

After 9 cups of flour, half a bag of sugar, half a shaker of cinnamon, and a whole bag of powdered sugar you get these beauties! 8 tins of 7 or 8 rolls in each! I am so proud!

I will be making these for Christmas gifts for some lucky friends ;)

Sunday afternoon we loaded up the wagon and headed down the street to a clearing behind some houses in our neighborhood to "practice" taking some family pictures. That sounds so funny but if you have never done it I guess that's what works! I really want to get a good one for our Christmas card this year so we needed to figure out all the "stuff" that goes along with the tripod and camera.

Here are a few shots. We took close to 100!

Sunday evening we headed to town to run an errand and ate at Scholosky's for dinner.

Nice fall weekend! Already ready for the next one ;)

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