Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's been a happenin' !

Wow I have gotten way far behind in blogging recently! For good reason, just living life :)
And while I may have slowed way down on here, that doesn't mean I've been sitting on the couch eating bon bons!

Here are some things we have been doing via Mr. IPhone.

We had such nice weather this weekend, Lucas spent a ton of time outside and we all love that :)

Mom and I went "thrift-ing" on Saturday before the Razorback game, I found this beauty and knew it had to come home with me! The color is perfect for me/my house, I am thinking about stenciling something on the seat...

Lucas found this 'treasure' he thought it had to come home with us ;)

My mantel as of last night! My new PB beads arrived yesterday afternoon! I have been looking everywhere for some like this (without the price tag of these) but never could find what I wanted but I love them! Exactly what I was wanting! Darn you Pottery Barn always having O so cute stuff!

Mom and I went Christmas shopping Friday (which by the way I am almost DONE!!) and decided we needed a break, this is what we saw at Sonic waiting for our drinks!

Still on the puppy hunt, found this little guy, Brent said no :(

Lucas being his sweet little self, he is constantly cracking us up and is loving all the holiday stuff going on! This I think will be our best Christmas yet! He is such a joy!

And this little guy, a 2qt crock pot! I am in love! I have already used him a handful of times and I love not having to tote my giant crock around for cheese dip! Perfect!

And a few things I don't have pictures for.... Baking, I have really gotten into baking, I will be making 200 Cinnamon rolls for Christmas gifts this year and I cannot wait to tackle that! And a big item on my Christmas list is one of those things that goes under your top cabinets that has radio/CD player/ T.V. I think that would be so awesome!! I'd never leave the kitchen :)

And last but not least, last night we booked our hotel for our Branson trip next month and I could not be more excited to get away with my boys and celebrate the Christmas season!!!

Hope to get back on my regular programing soon but with everything going on don't count on it ;)

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Jessica S. said...

=) thanks for the catch up!! haha
love that sweet little crocker! and your beads are the bomb.dot.com! Lucas keeps changing more and more everytime i see that face! What a big handsome boy he is. =) oh and LOVE that stool! and your stencil idea! ... ok i'm done haha