Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • In all actuality I was going to put this post of for tomorrow you know "Tidbits for Thursday, on Friday" because I didn't get pictures uploaded last night, and I have some good ones :) but such is life maybe I will tonight maybe I won't but here I am anyway.

  • My lucky dog of a husband got his new IPhone 4 yesterday, only took him going to Best Buy a handful of times then sending me over there to make sure they held one for him. I'm quite jealous of the little robot helper Siri, pretty stinkin cool! But I am most happy for "facetime" so when he is out of town Lucas and I can actually see him when we are talking to him. Technology is a beautiful thing sometimes.

  • I guess our eating habits have officially changed. I don't feel like I can say we are still on a diet because we are not. We have changed what we buy and cook, I guess it's just a new lifestyle. We had our fair share of treats this weekend and when Brent is out of town all bets are off for me, that's the only time I get to eat fast food ha!, but we are definitely changed people. And there is nothing better than seeing my 2year old eating a whole apple every day.

  • Still coupon-ing! I got some good deals yesterday at Walgreens! Even some Christmas presents! Very excited about that. I am tempted to challenge myself to have all gifts bought and wrapped by December 1st. That sounds so nice so then I could really enjoy the month of festivities....

  • We are going to attempt our first family pictures with the tripod this weekend! I am very excited about this! There is a field a few streets behind our house so that may be a perfect spot we can load up the wagon with a few props and a picnic lunch and walk that way. That sounds like a perfect afternoon to me!

  • Saturday Ashley and I are taking the boys to the Zoo in Tulsa. Hopefully the weather holds out for a good day and I am praying we don't run into any "adventures". You see when Ashley and I get together (in a car mostly) anything that can go wrong usually does. But boy do we have some good stories to tell! ha!

  • This post from BlueEyedBride is exactly what I have been thinking about the past few days, it's so amazing that someone can say something that has been on your heart at the right time. God working at his best :)

  • I think that is all folks! I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it is NOVEMBER!! Whoa!!!!!

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