Friday, November 18, 2011

My Boys....

Today I am so thankful for them and I have to write what is on my heart :)

Lucas has been "really" potty training since Tuesday night and he has done so well! We have a few accidents yes but he woke Brent up this morning to go peepee in the potty so that was a good sign! I think we are on the road to no more diapers!

Brent and I also went to his parent teacher conference at school yesterday and he is doing amazingly well! His teachers said he already knows most of what he is expected to know at the end of the year and the year isn't even half way over! They also said he is so sweet and compassionate to his classmates and follows directions all the time. I am so proud and could not ask for a better behaved little boy. Which at the end of the day if he is nice to people and polite that is all I really need him to be, to me he will never have to be the smartest, most athletic, or best looking by any means but he does have to treat all people kind and that is the biggest thing I want to in steal in him as a man.

This leads me to my other "boy" my husband.

There is nothing more special than knowing you are growing old with your best friend. It is no secret that Brent and I have always had a communication issues, I wouldn't tell him anything and he wouldn't listen when I did try and tell him something but it seems we are changing with all that. I have learned to tell him anything and everything I think that may be the true key to getting along so well between people, maybe I am wrong but I can feel it working for us.

Last night he said something about retirement and about how it will be just me and him, all our kids will be gone etc. and I just got this warm and fuzzy feeling and couldn't help but smile a little bit, knowing it will be me and him.

I am a blessed blessed girl having these too in my life.

"What if you only woke up with what you thanked God for yesterday"

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