Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What more could a girl ask for......

Valentines Day at my house is not far from any other day but just with a little added fun!

Lucas had his big Valentines Party at school complete with ice cream and bunches of candy! He loved getting to tote his valentine box home to show daddy :)

We got home and I had picked up dinner and a few treats for my Valentines.
We had Popeye's Chicken for dinner ( yes you read that right) ha! Brent loves it and we hadn't had it in a while and I picked up some brownies and cookies from the Cookie Co. Lucas also got a balloon with some cars tied to it. He was very happy!

Brent has been sick with the flu the past few days but still managed to get out and get me flowers and a card, so sweet!

My favorite!

We ate an early dinner and really didn't do anything exciting. I wanted to do some laundry and wash our bed to try and prevent some germs spreading. I got the bed washed and put back together and was watching the last episode of Teen Mom 2 (embarrassing) and had both pups on the bed. I saw Coop sniffing around and thought ok just wait for commerical and I will take him out. Well needless to say he didn't get the memo! Pee peed right on Brent's side of the JUST washed sheets! As tempted as I was to leave it, being Brent's side and not mine, I didn't. I was SO mad! I could have cried but went back to my show: and watching that train wreck made my problems seem hardly there. So never the less I was doing laundry until 11 on Valentines night ;)

Valentine's bad boy!

A face only a momma could love.

Cooper seems very interested in Chloe's tail sometimes I swear I can see him thinking "where's mine at?)

This morning was Brent's unofficial first day back at work, he finally felt good enough to try and go. I think him going back will bring some order back into our life, I could be wrong! ha!

This morning as I was in Luke's room picking out his clothes I stepped on something cold and wet! Puppy poo! O my word all I could do was laugh. Brent cleaned it off my foot for me, I thought that was pretty romantic :)

So all in all I had a wonderful Valentines Day! Flowers, cards, time with my loves, a little work, a little yuck and some romance.
What more could a girl ask for......

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Jessica S. said...

stinkin hilarious!!! that made me laugh out loud!!! love it.