Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Monday....

We had quite the low key weekend! Friday night we went to Brent's parent's house to eat dinner and Lucas stayed the night with Pawpa and Nana.
Saturday I cleaned house and Brent did some things around the shop, that evening we had family over for Pawpa's birthday. Sunday Brent worked on his truck and I went to the grocery store, fun stuff! I love nothing more than staying home and doing laundry with my boys. Seriously!

But today, Monday....
It was Brent's first day back to work and he woke up with 102 fever, Lucas ran fever Saturday afternoon/evening so I think that is where that came from. Then the snow came, so I knew it would be a late morning anyway but I go out to start my car it the battery is dead! We got it charged up and it started fine. Not to mention it was Cooper's first time with snow and he loved it, Chloe loves snow too so getting them inside took a while!

But all is good! We made it safe and all the way to school Lucas told me how much he loved snow and didn't even ask to watch a movie.

Life sure is sweet!

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