Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lucas You Are 3!!

Oh my sweet baby, are we really here? are you really turning 3 today!? I can hardly believe it!

3 years ago today at 6:08 p.m. we were blessed beyond measure, you were born and our hearts were changed forever.

Lucas you are such a good boy, your Dad and I love you more than life and I hope you will always know that.

You are so smart and so caring to others. You make us laugh every single day! You love all kinds of people and rarely meet a stranger, you are such a joy! You make my heart explode with your hugs and snuggles and your "it's ok momma" when you think I'm hurt or sad.

You try my patiences when you want to do everything yourself and your fits if things just aren't the way you think they should be.
You love your family and your pets (even thought I'm convinced you've almost loved Cooper to death some days) and you love your friends at school and your teacher so much. You get along with anyone and everyone and you think everyone was put here to be your friend. I hope you always have this way with people, you will be such a blessing to others with this gift.

I pray you never let judgement from others change you.

You love to play basketball and love your cars.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!
Love, momma

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Jessica S. said...

soooo sweet. what a sweet boy you've been blessed with. love the picture too =)