Monday, February 20, 2012

My Weekend {in pictures well of course}

We started off our weekend early with a little fun!
Thursday after school we went and got a car wash! Lucas loves doing this, it's so funny!

Then we got to go to a little bounce place in town with Ethan for a little while! We had a lot of fun! Of course the boys found a basketball and only really wanted to play with that the entire time, ha!

Friday night Brent had to stay out of town for work so we got to try out "Facetime" for the first time since he's had his iPhone 4, all I can say is so. much. fun. I really enjoyed being able to see him and Lucas loved it too!

Saturday we checked the mail and Lucas had Birthday card from some out of town family and look what was inside! He was very excited!

Gotta have a picture of this cute boy :)

Nap time for Luke and I got a lot done around the house for the upcoming birthday bash!!

O this puppy! So sweet lookin but quite the little terror and we haven't even hit the chewing stage yet!

Saturday evening I worked on some pom poms for the party, Brent thinks they are girly so I'm not sure if I will use them or not but they were fun to make and SO easy!

Lounging around Sunday morning watching cartoons.

Ethan came over to play Sunday afternoon this was a rare shot of them being sweet, ha!

Last night we grilled burgers and Brent had some guys over to watch some racing, I got banned to the bedroom but that was OK by me, got to watch some shows in peace and quiet with my puppy :)

We had a great weekend, I have a long week ahead of me in preparation for Luke's Birthday weekend coming up!

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