Sunday, August 26, 2012

Branson Trip 2012!

*Long post! Tons of pictures, hate me ;)

We had an amazing time on our annual family Branson trip! I was not ready to come home and get back to the daily grind :(

We started our trip on Thursday morning, we all met at the McDonald's in Alma to grab a quick breakfast and so we could caravan up there to arrive at the same time.
Lucas and Lance watching movies on the phone instead of eating! ha! They don't get to see each other much but when they do they are best best buddies, love them!

Once we got to Branson and to the hotel we unloaded all our stuff and then got back in the car to head north to Springfield. We went to the huge Bass Pro Shop and to eat at Lamberts. We had a great time!

The boys checking out all the boats.
After Lambert's we headed back to the hotel to hang out and catch up. The reason we go to Branson on this specific weekend every year is for the car show that is in town. Brent's parents always put atleast one car in the show, some of the others have put cars in before but this year it was so hot I guess no one really wanted to mess with it but we still get to see lots of cars right in the parking lot of our hotel. The best parts of the whole trip are sitting around in lawn chairs, hanging out, letting the kids play, and watching the cars go by. Such fun times! 

Thursday night we also walked down the strip to Andy's to get froyo and ride gocarts! Luke loved the carts of course!
Friday we got up and around early and headed to WhiteWater! We had so much fun there and stayed for 4 hours! Brent and I both talked about next time bringing a waterproof camera because we didn't get any pictures of the day :( 
Luke rode all the waterslides he could and had a blast, he is so fun to do things like this with right now. 
We went back to the hotel to catch a nap before dinner.
For dinner Friday night we went down to the landing, which is a big outside mall, and ate at Catina Lorado. Love that place! The best mexican food ever and it's also where we had our reception dinner the night we got married so it's pretty special to us.
At the landing we found a Lego store! We spent a lot of time there before dinner.

Both of my boys had tons of fun!

Saturday we got up and headed back to the landing to Ride the Ducks! I've been looking forward to taking Luke on the duck ride since before he was born!

It was pretty fun, we had awesome weather and a funny guide, I loved hearing some tales about the town.
Luke even got to drive the duck for a little bit!

After the duck ride we went to eat lunch at Old Chicago and thought we go to the car show for a bit. We headed back to the hotel and got my father in law's Challenger and headed to the show! We got there and  drove though but never found a place to park so we opted for bumper boats and go carts instead!
Luke rode the go carts with Papaw and I got to ride bumper boats with him! ha! It was fun and we got soaked!
For dinner Saturday night we went to Outback, this isn't the Outback chain that we have in town it's much much better. It was very yummy and Luke ate a ton of steak! After dinner we walked down the way and rode more go carts and went to Andy's again.
Waiting to ride!
Ready to go!

Sunday we got up and went to Steak and Shake for lunch then headed to the fish hatchery on the way out of town.
Feeding the fishes!
After the hatchery we headed home. We had such a fun time! Loved spending time with friends we only see a few times a year and spending time with my family. I can't wait until next year!


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