Monday, August 27, 2012

Skate Party Weekend!

We had a fun weekend! Lucas is just hilarious and everywhere we go he is so much fun! I just really can't get over it :)

Friday night we went to dinner and a movie! ha!

Dinner was at BurgerKing!

And the movie was Madagascar 3 or "move it, move it" as we call it! ha!  We've been trying to get to this movie forever and we finally did!

Waiting on the movie to start!
Luke did pretty good but close to the end he was getting tired and asked to go home but we waited it out and made it all the way though.

Saturday we had Bentley's birthday party at the skating rink! I was very excited to see how Luke liked skating!

Headed to the party, spoiled rotten watching a movie on the way!

The party was so much fun! The kids could skate or play in the bounce house or just run around. It was a closed party so only our size kiddos were there so that was good!

He skated a little bit but once he saw the bouncy house that was it, he stayed in there the rest of the time until the dancing started. They did the Hokey Pokey and the chicken dance and Luke won the best dancer award! Surprise surprise! This kid loves to dance :)

After the party he went to Mema's house for a little bit and I went to Target for some alone time shopping! So great!
After that we headed home and got ready to go to my uncles house for dinner we stayed there until after 10 and we were exhausted!

Sunday we planned on hanging around the house and cleaning, laundry, and organizing stuff but Brent got called to work so I cleaned house and did laundry and made meatloaf for dinner when Brent got home.

It was a great weekend and I can't wait for the next!

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