Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Exersicing Part2

Remember this is coming from the girl who had never "exercised" a year ago I had completely given up on even thinking about exercising, I even got to the point where I was saying all mommas are chubby I am not even going to bother with trying to be any different....

But all that was said before I even tried.
And today I have a completely different view on exercising.

I have only been walking for a little over 2 months but I can say it will probably be something I always do. I love it so much. I like getting outside and being by myself for just a little bit and then at the end I feel so accomplished!
I use an app called "Runkeeper" it tracks how long I have walked, what speed I am walking at, how many calories I have burned and it plays my walking play list. I really like knowing how many miles I have gone and how many calories I am burning.

But lately I have really been itching to step it up a notch, I want to start running.

I'm very apprehensive to start running while it is so hot but last night I went walking at 8:00 which is later than I normally go and the sun had gone down and it wasn't as bad. I ran the hill that I usually walk. I felt very proud of myself to say the least!
I hope at the very least I can keep running just the hill,  but even if I can't I am still so happy that I have kept myself moving.

The one thing that really keeps me going is music! Every week I will buy a couple of songs that will make me want to get up and go! I save these only for walking so if I want to listen to them I have to walk! So far that has worked SO well.

Some of my most recent added songs are:
"Do you know" by Enrique Iglesias
"Hey Mama" by Mat Karney
"Better than life" by Remedy Drive
"W.T.P." by Eminem
"Wide Awake" by Katy Perry
"No Love" by Lil Wayne and Eminem

Know of any good workout songs? Need a walking partner? I'd be so happy to take along with me!

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