Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On the Chick-fil-a fiasco......

I know I can't believe I am going here but with the insane amount of talk about this I was busting at the seams to state my stance on this. I sure didn't want to put it on facebook to start a commenting riot, I am just too chicken (pun intended ;)
But here's my thoughts, I hope we can still be friends! ha!

          I saw this quote on Pintrest a while back and it took me aback, I thought yes! that's right!!
And I couldn't think of a better way to say what I am feeling with this whole Chick-fil-a thing going on.

My God is a loving God, he does not judge and loves all his children the same. He makes everyone different for a reason and weather we on earth know the reason or not doesn't matter in the end.
We all knew Chick-fil-a is a Christan based business they aren't open Sundays or any major holidays, they play Air1 in their stores, and I've heard many times them referred to as "The Christan Chicken"
I like that they stand up for their beliefs and that it shows with how they run their business. I also don't think this was one of their smarter moves to state their side to the press I can see some business gained but I can also see some business lost though this whole thing. But that is not really my point.

Point is I don't like all the hate and the judgement from people who claim to follow Jesus. I will never understand. I will be better than that and I will teach my kids to love everyone regardless of who they are.
I love Chick-fil-a, they are a great place to take kids and eat some good food but I won't be going today.... 

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