Friday, August 17, 2012

So proud....

I know every parent thinks the same thing, my baby is just a bit cuter, funnier, or smarter than other kids he is around and I am full fledged knee deep in those feeling these days.

Lucas has me completely wrapped around his little finger, it took him a while I will say. At first I was a "hard" mommy. When he was born my life changed (duh) but for some reason I was still trying to hold on to my old life, my friends, my commitments, my work. I wanted him to look and act perfect and was embarrassed when he threw a fit. But today I am a very different mom. Today I know he is 3 and he will make mistakes and I will make mistakes but that's ok because we are all still learning.

Having a whole week with my boys did something to me. It made me realize how amazing of a life I really have. Brent has my heart but Lucas is the light in my eyes and I am so proud to call him mine. I am so proud that Brent and I have created this awesome little person. And I don't mean create as in the pregnancy part of having kids, that's the easy part. I mean we have shaped his personality and his feelings and his ways into a breathtaking little boy. Countless people have told me what a great kid he is and that my friends is where I find inspiration. When he can make someone else's life a little better that's all he needs in this life. I hope he is always this way.

And then all those feeling skyrocketed once he started his new class room this week. He is SO smart it blows me away. He has adjusted to his new class and teacher very well and has been excited about it most of the week. He comes home with "work" he has done and is so proud of himself. He might just be one in a million.
Then I overheard some mom's at school one morning. Talking about how gorgeous he is, they didn't know I heard but it made my day. I know it's the hair! Gah that hair!

I hope to have more babies but if I am only blessed with this one that is all I will ever need.
I am truly blessed beyond measure!

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