Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Boys!

We had a long week last week with Brent outta town all week, he had to go to Tulsa to a school for work. Lucas and I tried to keep ourselves busy and have some fun!

Wednesday we got to have dinner at Pawpa's house with Aunt Kristin, Uncle Jay and cousin Way Way! Kristin and I had fun cooking together and we all ate way too much!

Thursday we went to Chick fil a for lunch with Desiree and Eviee and we also went back again on Friday for dinner, I LOVE that place! Lucas has so much fun and gets to run around, the food is good, and we always see people we know!

Ice Cream and Cheerios! Yummy...

Lucas thinks it is so fun to get the little towelettes and "clean" the place, so funny! This was all he did on Friday night. May have to try this at home!

Playin in the bathtub with cars of course!

My other baby boy! He is getting so big!!

Saturday we got up early and I took Luke to Pawpa's house and Ashely and I went to the kids sale! It was fun, I didn't find much but I did get Luke his swim suite for this year and a Hawaiian shirt for a school play coming up. After we got done shopping we decided on an impromptu Chili's lunch! So. Much. Fun. We had a blast eating, chatting about life, kids, husbands, making an exercise plan and so much more!

That afternoon we just hung around the house waiting on daddies big entrance! ha!

Helping mommy in the kitchen! Macaroni and broccoli!

Lucas just couldn't wait another minute for daddy to come home!

Brent got home around 8:00 Saturday night, he had some goodies for Lucas and I, so sweet! We spent all day Sunday around the house, just being together. It is so nice to have him home!

Lucas being silly before bedtime last night!

Love my baby boys, and my big boy, and my Chloe :)

This week will be busy filled with lots of family and friends!

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