Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On Exercising....

Not sure why it happened but over the past week I have the urge to start "exercising" maybe it's because I am turning 25 this year or because Lucas turned 3 and I am still carrying some "baby" fat, or because Ashley got me out to the track one day and I felt so much better!!

Over the past 6 days I have "exercised" 4 times! That is huge for me! Thursday and Friday Ashley and I went to the track for some walking and while it wasn't fast walking or even continuous ,we walked. Saturday I got up early and took Cooper for a walk/jog ya know walk a little jog a little, I loved it! Monday morning I broke out an old walking exercise video.

My plan of action is to go jogging on the days I can and do an inside video on the mornings I can't. With Brent's job some days he is leaving before the sun is up so those days will be inside days also will depend on the weather. The days Ashley and I can make it to the track will be bonus. And the days I can't do any of it I will NOT be hard on myself!

I'm not worried about loosing pounds or inches. I just want more energy, I want to something good for my body for a change.
Since the holidays and then Brent's accident we have fell plum off the "eating better" wagon. I think we are still making better choices sometimes but we have not been cooking much which leads to eating out. I will say we are not eating "burgers and fries" much but we are still eating convenience foods which might be just as bad. So while I want to try and get us back on track eating wise I also know I love food, and sweet tea, and a cherry coke from Chilli's!
I am a foodie, I am going to eat and I am going to eat yummy stuff. Which leads me to exercise if I can't control my will power towards food I can control my will power towards exercise.

Before my mommy days I loved being active working out at the school gym, running on the treadmill, playing tennis. But once Lucas arrived there was NO time for all that, I mean I guess there was but I like to sleep too! ha! Working full time, having a little one, and running a house doesn't leave for much room for me time so I let it go.
But now that Lucas is getting older I can find time when I can do something for myself.
I am choosing to exercise.

I really hope I can keep up with what I am doing, I have learned I have to get it done before Luke gets up for the day or not to even bother with it.
But even if this doesn't work I am committed to trying to stay healthy for my family.

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Jessica S. said...

you can do it!! so excited for you!! =)