Friday, March 2, 2012

It's The Little {Simple} Things....

A few sprigs off a bush in my front yard in a coffee mug, so simple yet so pretty.

3 new towel hooks for 3 bathing babies.... in the future :)

Luke's birthday card garland, I just can't seem to take it down. All the other decorations have been gone for days but this one makes us so happy.

Pre-bagging all of Luke's lunch snacks so making lunch is almost easy :)
Why don't I do this every week?

Riding home everyday this week with my sunroof open, the weather has been amazing and reminds me why I love Arkansas, 70 degrees in February!

My newest photo of my boys, I got a few inquiries at the party this weekend about it, so I thought I would share. All it is, is an old frame I found in my attic and a poster print, not picture but poster on photo paper you can get from the wal mart website the 11x16 that this one is was $10!!

So this large nice framed picture cost me $10!! Wow hard to believe for sure.

I have also learned recently that I like having a few large nice statement type family pictures rather than have 500 small ones all over my living room like some sort of Lucas shrine ha! Which is what I have always had up until this point.

A house that is ever evolving keeps me happy too and a hubby who lets me change things up isn't too bad either :)

Lucas sporting his "I love Mom" shirt. He has become quite the momma's boy :)

Leaving at the same time as Brent this morning and kissing him bye in the driveway.

That's it folks!

Now on to a simple weekend with my boys.....

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Jessica S. said...

great post! love the bday card garland and the sprigs of the bush cut for inside! like that idea.