Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tidbits for Thursday!

  • I still have my Christmas header up and it is March! In my defence it's the latest family picture we have! Gonna get that changed soon.....

  • The Subway commercial on right now "$5 Footlong" Lucas sings as "Five Dollars Football" cracks me up every time!

  • Lucas' outfit he wore on his birthday, love the linen pants! Something about boy's spring clothes makes me just melt!

  • The kids sale is coming up next week, drop offs for co-signers is this weekend!! I have SO much work to do to get all Luke's stuff ready :/

  • Tuesday night Lucas told me he had a rock in his nose and sure enough he did!! I tried my best to get it out but just couldn't, I was scared of hurting him and he wouldn't sit still ha! We waited on Daddy to get home and he tried and few tricks bobby pin, pepper, straw, etc. and nothing. We ended up at the doctors office yesterday morning a little crying and a little blood and it was out!! What a relief! Poor sweet Lucas he was so proud of that rock though!

  • Lucas picked out this cookie cake to take to his class on Friday for his birthday treat, I was originally going to take the same cupcakes that were at his party but once he saw "Mater" I just couldn't say no :)

  • Picture of the puppies sleeping quietly. Cooper loves this sun spot and always sleeps in it.

  • Cute Oreo's Lucas and I made for his party! Loved the way they turned out! I hope to have all the party pictures up soon!

  • We ordered our new fridge this week! I am SO very excited! The fridge is the last kitchen appliance we had to purchase, now we can start on the floors or cabinets!!

  • Next week is going to be a HARD week and I am not looking forward to it :/
Well I think that is it! I'll be talkin soon ;)


Jessica S. said...

GREAT post!!! i love the picture of the sleeping puppies. "five dollars football" HAHA!!

Tonia Hobbs said...

linen pants are a slice of Heaven! Cute cute cookies!!! Love those!!